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May 12, 2022 2 min read

Every month we donate 1p from every can sold to mental health charities. This week 9th-15th May is the Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by The Mental Health Foundation which is the perfect charity for this month’s donation. We stand with their values and this week about raising awareness for this important cause.


XITE Energy is designed around enhanced cognition, and part of that means supporting mental health. Our brand improves mental performance through nootropic ingredients. Supporting mental health goes hand in hand with our brand ethos. This month, through our sales at MFG, we have sold 83,700 cans. Which means that £837 has been donated to the Mental Health Foundation. A very worthy charity raising awareness, offering support, and protecting people’s mental health.


The theme for mental health awareness week is loneliness. Something which everyone has experienced at some time in their life. We understand that everyone has been there, and we want to help tackle loneliness. Which is why we seek to build a community where everyone is heard and everyone ‘s mental health matters.


To raise awareness this week we are spreading the message of ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’. XITE is built upon having a healthy mind. Our founders held a sign up with these words in busy areas of central London. The aim is for people to take a moment, stop, think and remember to be kind to themselves. The stress of everyday life can often be overwhelming, so we want to remind people to look after their mental health.


We couldn’t be prouder of the impact our brand is having not only on supporting daily mental performance, but also to offer support to an important charity through our sales. We continue to donate monthly to help tackle mental health problems.

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