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January 20, 2020 2 min read

New to Nootropics?

Do you want to feel less anxious and reduce stress? Need more motivation to hit the gym and stick to a healthy diet? How about feeling more alert and focused while preparing for an exam? There are nootropics for all of these!

So what are 'Nootropics'?

Nootropics (AKA smart drugs) are cognitive enhancers to improve executive functionsaiding memory, creativity or motivation [1].Nootropics are undoubtedly, the most promising up-and-coming niche of dietary supplements. In other words, nootropic supplements feed your brain with the nutrients and compounds that help optimize your cognitive function and mental acuity so you can approach every day with a better sense of clarity, motivation, and ambition. In turn, you’ll feel revitalized, less stressed, and more driven [2].

The term “nootropic” stems from Greek words that translate to “mind-bending.” Therefore, we can openly define a nootropic as any substance that alters the mind in an advantageous way, generally through biochemical and neurophysiological changes. L-Carnitine and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine are combined to help improve cognitive function. The desirability of this benefit is also evident in the current buzz around nootropics as they are meant to be beneficial without producing the side effects [2]

XITE strongly believes that adding nootropics to your daily dose doesn't just make you mentally and physically sharper, but it increases productivity and expands one's motivation towards daily tasks. As nootropics enhance your well-being and mental function, a positive mindset is key to being productive, happy, and fulfilled in life.

Written for XITE by Meg Fisher.

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[2] Kanowski, S., 1982. Nootropics: Myth or reality?.Drug Development Research,2(5), pp.433-439.

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