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March 22, 2021 2 min read

The best time to drink XITE


We want to provide you with a healthy energy alternative that doesn't compromise on taste or function. Unlike traditional energy drinks, our green bean caffeine will energise you without a crash and XITE contains three active nootropics that help support mental performance/.;p!


But, when’s the best time to drink a can for the optimum effect?


As soon as you wake up

Do you normally reach for a cup of coffee? Try grabbing XITE instead. Not only can you drink one on-the-go, but nootropics help keep you focussed all morning – especially important if you have a busy day. Whether you’re on a walk, starting work or doing a workout, it’s the perfect morning motivation.



Rather than reaching for a dry scoop of pre-workout, XITE is fantastic before a gym session (when we’re FINALLY allowed) or park workout. Believe it or not, physical activity requires as much brain power as any cognitive task. Luckily, nootropics provide energy, focus and motivation to optimise both physical and mental performance. This means those PB’s you’ve been trying to achieve could be closer than you think…


Got a big presentation coming up?

Do you ever have days of complete brain fog? Endless zoom calls mean our concentration span is growing shorter by the day, and it can be hard to focus on our screens. If you’ve got a presentation or meeting, XITE should be your new colleague – especially now we can’t see our normal ones in real life as often!  


If you need to complete a task at noon, drink a can an hour before you start for maximum effects. Remember, caffeine can stay in your system for up to 12 hours, so if it’s later in the day, be aware of how much you consume.


Avoid the afternoon slump

If you find yourself crashing after lunch or loosing motivation, try drinking a can at midday. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’ll keep you focussed until 5pm. There’s nothing worse than leaving your least favourite job for later and not being able to complete it!


Post-workout (with a snack)

Although after exercising you might feel great, you’ll crash if you don’t re-fuel properly. Making sure you're hydrated is vital, along with replenishing lost energy. Pick up a can and a high-protein snack such as Greek yogurt and berries or protein bar, to help your muscles recover and get your mind ready for the next task.


Did you know our energy drinks also contain B vitamins? They convert the food we eat into energy and are important for optimum energy production and recovery.


It depends on your routine when the best time to drink XITE is. If you have a busy day and start with a workout, we recommend having XITE when you wake up. But, if you have a presentation in the afternoon you want to be alert for, try drinking it at lunchtime. It’s completely up to you – and tastes just as delicious anytime in the day! 



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