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April 05, 2020 2 min read

Questions by The Grocer to Co-Founder - Oliver Bennett 

Q1: You say you have completely switched DTC, did you have an online presence before? Why did you leave retail to fully move DTC?

Yes we had a website I built myself, but we didn’t push drink sales online being an impulse brand our sole focus was growing routes to market with convenience and health food stores in major cities! We had to move to DTC as our van sales teams were no longer able to distribute to gyms and health food shops alongside our high street stores seeing as 70% drop in footfall our sales virtually fell to 0!

Q2: Have you already seen some growth in DTC or not since the site will launch on Friday?

Moving to DTC we quickly revamped the website and made a real focus to use our mailing list to our advantage. Every day we send out Beths top tips on keeping healthy at home (she was previously a university sales manager but used her uni degree in writing to move to managing our new digital written content! The free info product helped us gain initial sales and also now subscribers online!

Q3: Do you expect the DTC growth to offset any potential loss from retail/foodservice sales?

We are hoping next month to have replaced all our retail sales with DTC. We have a new website launching designed by an agency that’s much more user friendly than mine (I done my best) alongside a proper DTC strategy with adverts etc.We will also be launching on amazon next week (something we have never looked at before!)

Q4: What needs to be done by brands to successfully shift to DTC?

From our little bit of DTC we have now experience I would say value. On a crowded DTC world of products I think product alone doesn’t cut it! Our info products and Beths home tips have really allowed us to build a loyal following that want to consumer our brand not just for the product but for the overall value! Next month we will also be starting online adverts and online affiliates. We’re hoping these last two pieces will help us cover the retail drop we’re experiencing!

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