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June 08, 2020 1 min read

Times have changed, and zooms from the couch are all the rave (although the novelty wore off right?) but one of the greatest challenges from working from home is keeping up motivation and productivity!

How do you get that same work ethic and enthusiasm when not surrounded by a bunch of loud colleagues especially and unlimited coffee? 

Nootropics can play a part, derived from Ancient Greek words noos meaning mind and trope meaning turning these clever little ingredients can give you a big boost in productivity and motivation!

Time is money, so lets help you use your time more effectively!


How can nootropics improve focus?

Nootropics fall into the two camps of optimising the effect of caffeine that is best known as a stimulant increasing alertness and performance (so don’t worry that morning XITE ENERGY is not in vien) but too much gives you the jitters?

XITE ENERGY uses a blend of natural nootropics from amino acids and ginseng that help prolong the desired effects of natural caffeine while aiding in other neural pathways for the ultimate concentration tasty boost! 

Are there any side effects of focus-geared nootropic supplements?

Luckily these ingredients we use are plant based, and don’t need to come with any doctors warnings or prescriptions. 

Blended with natural caffeine for a smooth increase in alertness the L-Tyrosine, Ginseng and L-Carnitine provide a smooth and long lasting energy boost during your day. 

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Now, thats why we created XITE ENERGY - Stay Alert - Drink XITE.


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